Lake Dallas Laser Spider Vein Removal Treatment

If spider veins have been stopping you from loving your body, maybe we can help. BodyScaping offers Lake Dallas laser spider vein removal that uses the power of laser light to remove unsightly spider veins. The treatment is safe and effective, and most importantly, doesn’t require the use of needles.

How Does Laser Removal Work for Spider Veins?

With a laser spider vein treatment in Lake Dallas TX, strong bursts of light are applied to the troublesome veins. What happens is that the light destroys the vein, and the vein closes off and fades over time. The procedure works on every skin type and color, but the treatment you receive will still be unique to you.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of choosing Lake Dallas laser spider vein removal are:

No injections or needles
No downtime required
Minimal risks and side effects
Can be used after sclerotherapy

Why Choose BodyScaping?

When choosing BodyScaping for your laser spider vein treatment in Lake Dallas TX, you will receive the best treatment possible. Our staff is led by a highly qualified team of medical doctors, RNs and licensed massage therapists and estheticians. Our office is clean, comfortable and inviting, and we follow the latest trends in Lake Dallas laser spider vein removal. Innovative, cutting-edge treatments that are safe, effective and affordable is what we strive for.

You can also expect personalized treatment when working with us. We know that each client of ours is unique, and we take this into consideration when building out a treatment regimen. Our medical doctors will try to determine the underlying cause of your spider veins prior to Lake Dallas laser spider vein treatment so that you can avoid recurrent veins.

To schedule a consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for Lake Dallas laser spider vein removal, please call us today!