Skin Care
We are always happy to help you with your skin care needs. You can make a skin consultation appointment, free of charge, to come and discuss what is happening now, where you want to go, and the best way to get there.
Some skin issues are a minor inconvenience and some are major life altering problems, and then there is everything in between. Some of these problems should be treated in a dermatologist's office, some are better treated by a skin care nurse, and some don't really need treatment at all. When you come to BodyScaping we will honestly tell you if we think you will be better served by seeing a doctor.

We treat skin issues very conservatively and with the least expense possible. It is really not necessary to start with the most expensive and most aggressive treatment available. We want to get the job done, of course, but, that doesn't mean you always hammer in a nail with a sledge hammer.



Acne is one of the most common and most prolific skin conditions affecting more than 80% of the US population at some point in there lives. Primarily it is a condition of adolescence, however, many people continue to have out breaks well into their 30’s.
While it is certainly an annoying condition and often embarrassing on a short term basis, not everyone gets off that easily. Some will be subject to socially and emotionally debilitating acne which either persists continuously for years ofr manifests in deep scaring which can last a life time. While acne is still sometimes thought of as being caused by foods or a lack of cleanliness, we now know this is generally untrue. Acne is a bacterial infection of the sebaceous gland that causes inflammation and the subsequent response which is acne.
At BodyScaping we have developed a treatment plan for acne which is affordable and effective. The treatment plan works on several different levels to control acne, decrease outbreaks, and help you have a clear clean complexion and appearance. Initially we use several different strategies at once to get the bacteria and the inflammatory response under control and then work toward being able to maintain an acne free appearance. We are able to treat the face, chest, and back and will certainly do our best to help you with any other areas you may be concerned about.
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Most scars can be removed, hidden, covered, or disguised. Almost all scars can be effectively treated to minimize their appearance. Certainly some more easily than others, and some more quickly than others, but, given time and patience just about anything can be done.
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Skin Analysis

One of the most important considerations in skin care is determining exactly where you are now as well as where you want to be. We always want to establish a base line before treatment begins because many treatments are very subtle and/or are effected over a period of time. Sometimes when this happens it makes it very difficult to evaluate progress unless the baseline was documented.
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Spider Veins

Varicose (VAR-i-kos) veins are enlarged veins that can be blue, red, or flesh-colored. They often look like cords and appear twisted and bulging. They can be swollen and raised above the surface of the skin.
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Here are the keys to looking younger today.
  1. Drink more water. You should consume a minimum of 1.5 liters per day.
  2. Use sunscreen from your hair line to your nipples including the back of your neck and ears every single day. In the summer re-apply in the late afternoon. 30 SPF or higher broad spectrum.
  3. Wear a hat if you are going to be out in the sun for more than 15 minutes.
  4. Stop tanning now!!!
  5. Get regular skin care at BodyScaping
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Body Exfoliation

Just as the skin on the face requires maintenance to preserve it's youthful and beautiful appearance so does the skin to the body. In many ways it benefits more even though we tend to ignore it more. Out of sight out of mind. While we encourage regular full body exfoliation there are some clients who only do it for special occasions. Peeling after a sunburn, a formal event, going on a cruise or beach vacation. Whenever you want really beautiful, baby soft skin. The treatment is about 90 minutes and when finished you will be cleaner and more relaxed with super soft skin than you have been in a long time. The possibilities you you to feel fabulous are endless. You only have to ask.

Spots, Dots, Growths & Bumps


Sebaceous Hyperplasias, skin tags, plaques (barnacles of old age), hemangiomas (cherry angiomas) cholesterol deposits, black heads, acne, keratosis,non-cancerous moles. Broken capillaries on the face.
Using the Skin Classic, a high frequency device, growths and skin irregularities can easily be removed, usually without scaring or any evidence that anything was done.
Like many procedures done at BodyScaping the removal for skin growths and irregularities should only be done by a physician or nurse.
  • Starting at $100
Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive mechanical exfoliation treatment that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells on the face, chest, neck or anywhere on the body. Mechanical exfoliation with or without particles, along with adjustable vacuum pressure, allows for safe controlled exfoliation of the top layers of the epidermis. It’s an in-office procedure that is done by a trained skin care professional that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation (crystals, diamond tips, bristle tips) along with vacuum to sweep away the dead skin and helps with circulation.

How microdermabrasion renews the skin
The skin’s surface is disrupted, which stimulates fibroblast activity leading to collagen formation which leads to thicker, firmer skin. The top dead layers of skin are removed leaving your skin soft and radiant. The suctioning and vacuuming stimulates blood flow bringing up O2 and nutrients to the skin's surface and helps to nourish the dermis. O2 also helps with acneic skin because oxygen kills the acne bacteria in blemishes. Our skin sloughs off at a slower rate with age, so the exfoliation of several layers of the stratum corneum leaves skin fresh and radiant. Microdermabrasion treatments are recommended every 2 weeks for problematic skin conditions or monthly for skin maintenance.

Benefits of microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion can be done to decrease the appearance of superficial hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow acne scars which helps to even out the texture. Removing the dead skin will aid in the penetration of skin care products by up to 50% and makeup will go on much smoother.
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The Lunch Hour Face Lift

The Beautiful Image facial & body sculpting procedure is a revolutionary way to safely and non-invasively tighten and firm the skin.
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